Does Packaging Increase Sales?

How Can Packaging Increase Sales

Most of the consumers walking into a store to buy a product are unknowingly influenced by the packaging of the product they are buying or want to buy.

As it is the first point of interaction with the consumers, a lot of manufacturers, retailers and small business are focusing on how they can improve their packaging designs in order to lure more shoppers to buy their products.

The consumer sees and feels the packaging of the product they are interested in. When a customer is presented with a choice to select from the products displayed on the shelf, whether they realize it or not, packaging makes a difference in their subconscious mind in determining what gets noticed and eventually purchased. In essence the package becomes an extension of the product itself.

How can packaging increase the sales of a particular product?

Small business retailers will attempt at making the product’s packaging design attractive and unique enough for consumers to notice. This will increase the chances of converting the sheer packaging interest to actual sales. There are many ways on how designing the right packaging for a product can make a big impact on the sales activities of the products.

When thinking about the packaging design, you must have an understanding of the demographics. Popular brands constantly play around their packaging designs. They can have a different label for regional distribution, and a different design for a more localized selling. High-end stores definitely have high-end types of packaging as against those from the class C and D retail outlets.

Packaging design may be inspired by industry competitors. In a retail store, competing products may be displayed in the same shelf. If you understand and see the quality of packaging of your competitor, you know what packaging design your product needs to have.
Attention-grabbing packaging design is what makes customer take a second look and linger on a specific product. The consumer’s curiosity will be aroused and lure them to check the product out.
It’s only a matter of seconds to hold a customer’s attention to your product. Your packaging design should clearly highlight the unique selling points of the products within the few seconds you are able to hold the customer’s attention. Emotional impact is critical.

Functional packaging can also influence the possibility of a repeat sale from a customer. Products with packaging that enhance the usability and storage of the product will make the consumers return to the store to make another purchase. On the other hand, packages that are difficult to manage, hard to store or cause damage to the contents of the package will not be buying the same product again and instead will look for one that is easier to handle and manage.

Small business marketing firms usually designate personnel whose main task is to monitor the current trends – products or services that delight consumers. With the accurate understanding of the trends, your packaging design may highlight some of those trends just to get the consumers drawn to the product initially.
Unique opportunities to boost retail sales are achieved through appropriately designed packaging. Package design should be integrated into a supplier’s product marketing strategy in order to create a significant impact to the buying public. Innovation on product packaging and labeling can improve a product’s profitability and create higher customer demand.

Remember to keep your packaging design attractive and something that will trigger the consumer’s emotion once they saw it. Emotional triggers are key factors in having successful sales and a good marketing strategist knows how to play with emotions. Use a bit of psychology to turn that want into need and increase that much wanted sales.

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