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Product Information

We cannot guarantee all actual products will be exactly the same shown on the monitor as that is depending on the user monitor.


Language uses in this website is English but may contain Malay in some posts.

Free Sample

We had right to approve or disapprove to any request upon our opinion and justification.


The returned goods/products will be checked with the receipt together and the goods should be in the good condition. The packaging should also be in original condition in original shipping container as received. If the goods/products has been used or damaged by the customer, there will not be any refund. CHT Bakery Supplies will also not be responsible if your shipment is lost during the return transit. Once we have checked and confirm the goods/products, customer will received their refund within 7 days after the confirmation. Cancellation before shipment will entertain only relevant reason which fully authorized by CHT Bakery Supplies and refund amount is only 95% from purchase amount which considered 5% as handling and service charged will process minimum of 7days from cancellation date.

Please return your purchase to the following address:

Dyana Bakery Supplies (Warehouse)
27 Tmn Sukamari, Jln Sukamari,
06700 Pendang, Kedah,

Please contact us at dyana.cafe@gmail.com or +6017-4252848 if you have any questions or doubts.